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KBS Tour Shafts

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Designed for better players, the KBS Tour shaft was engineered with ‘moment of inertia analysis’ to increase stability from

‘grip to clubhead’ to enhance the results of well-executed swings. By reducing the mass and radius of each step in equal

proportions along the shaft’s center line, the KBS Tour shaft delivers optimum stability resulting in efficient energy transfer

from the player’s hands to the clubhead. In addition, the KBS Tour shaft incorporated step-by-step Moment of Inertia analysis

to reduce shaft ‘interference’ during a player’s well-executed swing.


Firm Tip

Featuring a proportionate tip construction in wall-thickness, Firm Tip enhances the MOI-advanced

step profile by acting as a unison component. Firm Tip reduces interference for energy transfer thereby

enhancing player feel.


MOI-Advanced Step Profile

By reducing the outer wall diameter while increasing the wall thickness in proportionate amounts,

the KBS Tour shaft contains a balanced mass profile per cross-section. Coupled with proportionate step lengths,

the KBS Tour shaft is designed to "perform like a whip" maximizing energy movement. In performance,

this equates to more distance and enhanced player feel.


Improved Handling & Control

By incorporating a stout butt design and double taper rate in early step progression,

the KBS Tour shaft is inherently firmer than players recognize. This KBS Tour shaft feature

supports tighter ball dispersion and improved player control.

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